viernes, 12 de agosto de 2005

My Favorite Things part 2

Seeing that it is the holiday season, everyone is posting blogs about their favorite things. So in this fashion I post.

1) People I would love to cuddle with

Boris Kodjoe has been on my radar since I first saw him in Love and Basketball, this former tennis player and model is from Germany of all places but man he steams up the screen. he's hot hot chot!! Too bad he just got married to his co-star. Sigh, it is but a dream.

Craig David, one of my favorite pop artist --I don't listen to pop much but he is an exception-- and one of my favorite Brits. Not only is the accent sexy but the boy can sing and dress. As they would say in England, he is so fit!!

2) Classic movie stars that I would have loved to have met and talked to

Dorothy Dandridge- is probably one of the most beautiful black actresses to date. She was extremely talented and it is sad that her life ended so abruptly. I would have loved to see how she would have turned out if she would have lived.

Audrey Hepburn- Still today she is viewed as a classic beauty. I think she represented class and style. She will always be a classic woman in my book. I also loved her sister Katherine for her rebellious streak. Both sister were great in their own right.

Marilyn Monroe- The racy model/actress of the 50's and 60's who's life was also cut short. yes I know she was known for boinking both of the Kennedy brothers but if you got it like that than flaunt it. I love Marilyn because she was curvaceous and was proud of it. Not the stick figures without curves we see today. I also love Marilyn for snubbing her nose at the norm. Maybe I just like rebellious folks. Says a lot about me.

3) Music playing in my ear-

I am so digging these french sisters--Les Nubians. They are amazing songstresses and their CD "Temperatures Rising" is the best neo-soul album I have in my collection. They sing in french and english so if you need to brush up your language skills then this is the CD to buy.

My friend from Iraq got me hooked on this Egyptian star--Amr Diab. I don't understand half of the words he is saying but it sounds pretty. I guess I need to brush up on my Arabic to get the gist. Until then I'll listen to him sing Tamally Maak. Which I do understand btw..

Ofra Haza is my favorite Israeli singer to date. I find her voice haunting and her reendition of a few well known Hebrew tunes to be awe inspiring. These songs relax me and soothe my soul. Too bad she also had her life cut short. But her spirit lives on in her songs.

The Material Girl has made a serious comeback with her newest album "Confessions on the Dance Floor". I tend to not like "house" music but the disco infused album reminds me of the old Madonna and it makes you want to groove. Hey I hope I look like Madonna at 47. She is looking better now than she did when she ws younger. Go Esther or whatever your name is.

4) What shows I am watching

I just saw a great movie called "My Date with Drew". This was a great movie. You guys should check it out. I can't tell you about it because it would give it away, let's just say this is the best reality tv I have seen in a while. Also, if you need a good laugh, make sure to rent "The Hebrew Hammer." This is a hilarious and I do mean Hi-lar-ious tale about Chanukah.

Anyhoo- Hope you guys have a great holiday. I know I will..


Craig David
Boris Kodjoe
Marilyn Monroe
Dorothy Dandridge
Audrey Hepburn
Hebrew Hammer
Les Nubians

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