martes, 12 de julio de 2005

Good Folks

As we know there are a few peeps around here who think it is insane for there to be a black american jew. They feel that I am ashamed of being black and that is the only reason I am converting. But to me my being black has nothing to do with my being Jewish. They are not mutually exclusive. My Eema-"adoptived jewish mom-- is a first generation New York Jew who's mother and grandmother were survivors of Auschwitz. The kicker is she is black. Many people think she is a convert or adopted. Her father was a famous jazz musician and black. She has no identity crisis whatsoever and being around her makes me less conscious of being black in a jewish community.

To prove another point about the ignorance of some people, a benevolent blog friend emailed a link to this fellow's blog and I had a great time reading his antics about being a "mixed-breed Jew." How cute is that?

My friend MalkaYael also talks about her life and being a black convert to Judaism.

As I wrote in my blog Stat Counter, about how I am addicted to reading who has stopped by I also use Technorati to see who has linked me to their page. They are usually people who don't comment on my blog.

I ended up finding a blog on me and Malka Yael on this guy's blog and was so excited. I wanted to post a comment but alas he doesn't allow comments on his blog. So Braveboots thanks for the shout out.

Anyhow, I try to always balance negative with positive. I know many think I am confused and bitching but honestly, I must admit I have had nothing but good experiences on my journey towards becoming a Jew. I have never had anyone lash out at me before Anon and since then, I have had many wonderful Jews who have emailed me to help me along my path by studying Hebrew and Torah with me because they don't want me to think all Jews think the way this character does. Truth be told I really don't think he was a Jew. I also want to state that I have met some wonderful people since the beginning of my journey who have taken it upon themselves to also help me along the way. You know who you are and here is a BIG BLACK Jewish hug sent your way.

In my post Something New I stated my reservations about converting because a Rabbi once stated that I may find it hard to find a mate because of my darker hue. I have found this to be the total opposite. Alot of times my blogs are filled with sarcasm, what ifs and hypothetical antics. Alot of it are stories others have told me about converting. For the most part these things are no concern to me. I write them to get a view across.

Let's face it, there will always be people who have issues with the way I or anyone else lives their lives but it is their opinion and no matter what they think I will continue to live mine the way Hashem and I have deemed it should be lived out.

Anyhoo, thanks everyone for stopping by and check out these people's sites. I am sure they would appreciate it. And those who come by religiously to read my blog and never comment or first timers, I would love to read from you so don't feel shy, do the damn thing and write something.

Black Jew