jueves, 12 de mayo de 2005

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Holiday Party Trends

Fashion Fashion Fashion!!! There's so much of it a diva can find herself lost in the forray of fashion houses everywhere.
It is the holiday season for most and finding a suitable party dress or suit for the company party or the country club's soiree could be rather daunting.

That's where super diva comes in. I am here to lead you in the right direction for this season. Really it is not as hard as you think. And there are so many styles out there, surely one will fit you..

First, here is a new vamping of the 50's inspired little black dress. Every self-proclaimed diva needs a litle black dress. They are great for any occasion even--morbid to say--funerals. How often do you look in the closet and can't find anything modest and chic to wear? The great thing about the little black dress is you can accessorize it with anything because it is a neutral color. I personally think little black dresses should be worn with big red heels.

Stuart Wietzman

Newport News
For you more conservative divas who want to look chic with a modest twist, try this light green suit with these cute strappy heels. I also placed a pair of closed toed shoes for you frummers.



This green sleeveless dress is a great accessory for any red headed diva and will make you the envy of the party. We all know red heads look great in Green.

This awesome sari that I found is fabulous for you more ethnic divas or divas who like to stand out in a crowd. You will be dressed the part of a "Bollywood star" and blow everyone away in this show stopper. Pair it with these great Via Spiga bronze shoes and you are sure to turn heads.


Via Spiga
This year holiday color has taken a new leap. You can get away with more than the customary red, green or white. Now, it is appropiate to wear a spin off or variation of these colors. With this in mind, for you girlie-girl divas I found this beautiful pink georgette dress. It remind me of the 19-teens/Vionnet era of bias cut dresses. It looks elegant without looking frilly. Pair it with these cute Kate Spade heels and you'd look like Cinderella at the ball.

Kate Spade

In my fashion trend alerts, silver is the metallic color of choice this season. For you divas who like to be decked in jewels, I found this beautiful silver dress and these fantastic shoes to match. You know my motto, "let's bling in the new year!"


J Renee
And last but not least, I know there are some divas out there who love to wear black with a twist--i.e, go Hollywood. I found this fabulous and I do mean fabulous black chiffon number and went wild. I took extra time and care searching for the perfect shoe so that you won't have to.

Newport News

Via Spiga

So divas, you are armed with knowledge and a platinum credit card-I prefer cash, now get out there and dress to thrill.

Ciao and Happy Holidays!