viernes, 12 de agosto de 2005

Bundles and Bundles of Hats

Due to the weather here in Texas--we were ambushed by ice storms last night-- I decide to post this article I wrote for an online magazine--that never got published--for you divas and divas in training(D.I.T). I hope it helps you this season.

With winter already here, divas around the globe are looking for ways to stay warm and still look chic and divalicious. Hats of all shapes and styles have become the accessory for the winter season. Seeing that hats are no longer your run of the mill plain Jane, my grandmother knitted me this hat, accessory, we at Diva-Village went on a hunt to find a few to fit the diva in you.

With the urban diva in mind we found this page boy hat from Who says page-boys are not feminine and sassy? Divas everywhere can wear this and spruce up any outfit. This hat comes in This hat comes in blush, bramble, cerise, caramel, firebrick, gingersnap, guava, ink, khaki, lipstick pink, pistachio, spearmint, stream and watermelon and 30% of the proceeds go toward Kangol’s Staying Alive foundation for AIDS research. So you will not only look good but you will also be doing a good deed.

These sparkly berets at will prepare you to look fantastic for the upcoming holiday season by taking a page from the current trend of metallic colors. These wonderful accessories will be perfect for the European styled diva’s wardrobe.
$29.00 ea

Jennifer Lopez introduced this feminized cowboy-floppy hat style to the fashion world. We thought it would be perfect for the western inspired diva.

We couldn’t forget the Glam diva. This diva takes chances with her style and always pulls it together. This fabulous fedora hat from Newport-News, made its debut on the fashion scene with Alicia Keys in 2000 and its popularity has yet to die down. It is a hot item and the perfect accessory for a night on the town with the ladies.

My Favorite Things part 2

Seeing that it is the holiday season, everyone is posting blogs about their favorite things. So in this fashion I post.

1) People I would love to cuddle with

Boris Kodjoe has been on my radar since I first saw him in Love and Basketball, this former tennis player and model is from Germany of all places but man he steams up the screen. he's hot hot chot!! Too bad he just got married to his co-star. Sigh, it is but a dream.

Craig David, one of my favorite pop artist --I don't listen to pop much but he is an exception-- and one of my favorite Brits. Not only is the accent sexy but the boy can sing and dress. As they would say in England, he is so fit!!

2) Classic movie stars that I would have loved to have met and talked to

Dorothy Dandridge- is probably one of the most beautiful black actresses to date. She was extremely talented and it is sad that her life ended so abruptly. I would have loved to see how she would have turned out if she would have lived.

Audrey Hepburn- Still today she is viewed as a classic beauty. I think she represented class and style. She will always be a classic woman in my book. I also loved her sister Katherine for her rebellious streak. Both sister were great in their own right.

Marilyn Monroe- The racy model/actress of the 50's and 60's who's life was also cut short. yes I know she was known for boinking both of the Kennedy brothers but if you got it like that than flaunt it. I love Marilyn because she was curvaceous and was proud of it. Not the stick figures without curves we see today. I also love Marilyn for snubbing her nose at the norm. Maybe I just like rebellious folks. Says a lot about me.

3) Music playing in my ear-

I am so digging these french sisters--Les Nubians. They are amazing songstresses and their CD "Temperatures Rising" is the best neo-soul album I have in my collection. They sing in french and english so if you need to brush up your language skills then this is the CD to buy.

My friend from Iraq got me hooked on this Egyptian star--Amr Diab. I don't understand half of the words he is saying but it sounds pretty. I guess I need to brush up on my Arabic to get the gist. Until then I'll listen to him sing Tamally Maak. Which I do understand btw..

Ofra Haza is my favorite Israeli singer to date. I find her voice haunting and her reendition of a few well known Hebrew tunes to be awe inspiring. These songs relax me and soothe my soul. Too bad she also had her life cut short. But her spirit lives on in her songs.

The Material Girl has made a serious comeback with her newest album "Confessions on the Dance Floor". I tend to not like "house" music but the disco infused album reminds me of the old Madonna and it makes you want to groove. Hey I hope I look like Madonna at 47. She is looking better now than she did when she ws younger. Go Esther or whatever your name is.

4) What shows I am watching

I just saw a great movie called "My Date with Drew". This was a great movie. You guys should check it out. I can't tell you about it because it would give it away, let's just say this is the best reality tv I have seen in a while. Also, if you need a good laugh, make sure to rent "The Hebrew Hammer." This is a hilarious and I do mean Hi-lar-ious tale about Chanukah.

Anyhoo- Hope you guys have a great holiday. I know I will..


Craig David
Boris Kodjoe
Marilyn Monroe
Dorothy Dandridge
Audrey Hepburn
Hebrew Hammer
Les Nubians

martes, 12 de julio de 2005

Good Folks

As we know there are a few peeps around here who think it is insane for there to be a black american jew. They feel that I am ashamed of being black and that is the only reason I am converting. But to me my being black has nothing to do with my being Jewish. They are not mutually exclusive. My Eema-"adoptived jewish mom-- is a first generation New York Jew who's mother and grandmother were survivors of Auschwitz. The kicker is she is black. Many people think she is a convert or adopted. Her father was a famous jazz musician and black. She has no identity crisis whatsoever and being around her makes me less conscious of being black in a jewish community.

To prove another point about the ignorance of some people, a benevolent blog friend emailed a link to this fellow's blog and I had a great time reading his antics about being a "mixed-breed Jew." How cute is that?

My friend MalkaYael also talks about her life and being a black convert to Judaism.

As I wrote in my blog Stat Counter, about how I am addicted to reading who has stopped by I also use Technorati to see who has linked me to their page. They are usually people who don't comment on my blog.

I ended up finding a blog on me and Malka Yael on this guy's blog and was so excited. I wanted to post a comment but alas he doesn't allow comments on his blog. So Braveboots thanks for the shout out.

Anyhow, I try to always balance negative with positive. I know many think I am confused and bitching but honestly, I must admit I have had nothing but good experiences on my journey towards becoming a Jew. I have never had anyone lash out at me before Anon and since then, I have had many wonderful Jews who have emailed me to help me along my path by studying Hebrew and Torah with me because they don't want me to think all Jews think the way this character does. Truth be told I really don't think he was a Jew. I also want to state that I have met some wonderful people since the beginning of my journey who have taken it upon themselves to also help me along the way. You know who you are and here is a BIG BLACK Jewish hug sent your way.

In my post Something New I stated my reservations about converting because a Rabbi once stated that I may find it hard to find a mate because of my darker hue. I have found this to be the total opposite. Alot of times my blogs are filled with sarcasm, what ifs and hypothetical antics. Alot of it are stories others have told me about converting. For the most part these things are no concern to me. I write them to get a view across.

Let's face it, there will always be people who have issues with the way I or anyone else lives their lives but it is their opinion and no matter what they think I will continue to live mine the way Hashem and I have deemed it should be lived out.

Anyhoo, thanks everyone for stopping by and check out these people's sites. I am sure they would appreciate it. And those who come by religiously to read my blog and never comment or first timers, I would love to read from you so don't feel shy, do the damn thing and write something.

Black Jew

jueves, 12 de mayo de 2005

My New Stat Counter.


Holiday Party Trends

Fashion Fashion Fashion!!! There's so much of it a diva can find herself lost in the forray of fashion houses everywhere.
It is the holiday season for most and finding a suitable party dress or suit for the company party or the country club's soiree could be rather daunting.

That's where super diva comes in. I am here to lead you in the right direction for this season. Really it is not as hard as you think. And there are so many styles out there, surely one will fit you..

First, here is a new vamping of the 50's inspired little black dress. Every self-proclaimed diva needs a litle black dress. They are great for any occasion even--morbid to say--funerals. How often do you look in the closet and can't find anything modest and chic to wear? The great thing about the little black dress is you can accessorize it with anything because it is a neutral color. I personally think little black dresses should be worn with big red heels.

Stuart Wietzman

Newport News
For you more conservative divas who want to look chic with a modest twist, try this light green suit with these cute strappy heels. I also placed a pair of closed toed shoes for you frummers.



This green sleeveless dress is a great accessory for any red headed diva and will make you the envy of the party. We all know red heads look great in Green.

This awesome sari that I found is fabulous for you more ethnic divas or divas who like to stand out in a crowd. You will be dressed the part of a "Bollywood star" and blow everyone away in this show stopper. Pair it with these great Via Spiga bronze shoes and you are sure to turn heads.


Via Spiga
This year holiday color has taken a new leap. You can get away with more than the customary red, green or white. Now, it is appropiate to wear a spin off or variation of these colors. With this in mind, for you girlie-girl divas I found this beautiful pink georgette dress. It remind me of the 19-teens/Vionnet era of bias cut dresses. It looks elegant without looking frilly. Pair it with these cute Kate Spade heels and you'd look like Cinderella at the ball.

Kate Spade

In my fashion trend alerts, silver is the metallic color of choice this season. For you divas who like to be decked in jewels, I found this beautiful silver dress and these fantastic shoes to match. You know my motto, "let's bling in the new year!"


J Renee
And last but not least, I know there are some divas out there who love to wear black with a twist--i.e, go Hollywood. I found this fabulous and I do mean fabulous black chiffon number and went wild. I took extra time and care searching for the perfect shoe so that you won't have to.

Newport News

Via Spiga

So divas, you are armed with knowledge and a platinum credit card-I prefer cash, now get out there and dress to thrill.

Ciao and Happy Holidays!

martes, 12 de abril de 2005

Future Frum Girl Freaks Out

Only Jews will undersatnd---
I'm freaking. FREAKING!!! I mean really is the frum world for me? I know I am not into the secular world but I am terrified of the religious world. I once belong to a very VERY religious world and it screwed me up, bad.

The most religious of people can be the most insane, mean and evil individuals out there. I am not sure if I can do it again. But at the same time I don't want to be reform--I may as well stay a gentile and I don't want to be conservative--because there is no real community.. I crave the community and the closeness orthodox Jews seemingly have with one another.. I don't regret never having to wear pants again but I am terrified about losing my personality or being pressured into it..

Another fear.. I'll never find a mate...I am not sure if I believe in beshert, ie. soulmate--The thought is too scarey to believe that I only have one chance to find true love..I have to admit I like the Chabad in Houston but surely they are not all this way. I was leaning toward Modern Orthodox Judaism but that seems to be conservatie Judaism with a mechitza.. Is there anyone out there who can help? I fear that my orthodox family is great ad I may be disillusioned by them and their community...

I am just ranting today. I just read a Chasidic girl's blog and a few orthodox jews blogs and it made me quite nervous. Oh well I will focus on the good I know and see through my family... But I would love to hear any suggestion that any of you may have and if you know of a good orthodox community in NYC let me know so I can make a good decision on where to live and be.. Hopefully I can be apart of a frum community like theone in the above picture where everyone is open minded and fun.. We will see. Hopefully I won't crack...


Note: I don't feel this way about Modern Orthodoxy but alot of Orthodox Jews do.. Rock and a hard place and if one more person tells me I can be a righteous Gentile. I will scream...